Why our product is the best

We give the best service, our product is not our main goal but costumer's satisfying


Our product is 100% of palm sugar with low calories for minimizing glicomic in our body. It is good for diabetics


We do pay attention to packaging and purity of the product. It is covered with multiple layers. It has a zipper top that keep the product more durable


We conserve palm sugar for farming. In case, World lacks of balance of farming.

This is e-commerce web as well as our profile web. It is also built to participate Student Creativity Program. Thanks for supporting us.

Meet our team!

We are a group of students of University of Darussalam Gontor from different program studies
Muhamad Iqbal Munir

Muhamad Iqbal Munir

Chief Manager

Agrotech Student at Science and Technology Faculty

Rezki Ramadhan

Rezki Ramadhan

Marketing Manager

Economy Student semester 5 at Economy Management Faculty

Sena Fadjar Rochman

Sena Fadjar Rochman

Product Sourcing

Agro-Industrial Student semester 5 at Science and Technology Faculty

Agus Hidayat

Agus Hidayat

Graphic Designer

Economy Student semester 3 at Economy Management Faculty

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